No Ethernet with Windows 10 using Realtek PCIe FE Family

Apr 02, 2013 "Why is System PID 4 having so much disk activity Split from this thread.. So the answer to "Why is System PID 4 having so much disk activity?" is: "Because it shows activity from other processes." No. The answer is that the SYSTEM process is not actually a single process but rather a group of processes, mostly drivers, that are running at the "system" level. Steam Bug/Malware - Am I infected? What do I do? May 21, 2014


It is also known as a WFP NDIS 6.30 Lightweight Filter Driver file (file extension SYS), which is classified as a type of Win64 EXE file. The first release of wfplwfs.sys for the Windows 8 platform was on 08/01/2012 for Windows 8. Optional NDIS Lightweight Filters (LWF) could cause 90 Feb 16, 2010

Windows Packet Filter includes NDIS 3.1/4 hooking VxD driver (Windows 95/ME), NDIS 4 hooking filter driver (Windows NT/2000/XP), NDIS 5 Intermediate (Windows XP/2003) and NDIS 6 Lightweight Filter (LWF) drivers as well as companion user-mode API DLL and samples.

How to get a list of network filters installed on a Mar 07, 2012 ndiskd.filter - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs 3: kd> !ndiskd.filter ffff8083e1a7fd90 - QoS Packet Scheduler Filter ffff8083e14e8460, Miniport ffff8083e0f501a0 - Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter ffff8083e1a96b80 - Virtual WiFi Filter Driver ffff8083e19c4b70 - WFP vSwitch Layers LightWeight Filter ffff8083e19a6ad0 - WFP Native MAC Layer LightWeight Filter Filter ffff8083e43df8f0 No Ethernet with Windows 10 using Realtek PCIe FE Family