Mar 24, 2020

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As long as your Arris modem was configured by Comcast to work for their internet, any router you connect to that modem should be useable irrespective of make/model and for VPN(flashed) or straight out-of-box modem. You can even connect the two routers in parallel and use vpn on few ‘security’ needed devices on wifi, and others can connect

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How to Use a Comcast Gateway with an Existing Router

Connecting my router to my Xfinity modem/ router b Using a wired PC connect to lan port 1. user admin. PW password. select bridge mode . After rebooting check that you can surf with PC connect directly to modem. Install router and connect same PC to router using a wired connection. Go to internet setup and select use PC Mac Address click apply and reboot router. How to use your own modem and router with Comcast Oct 11, 2017 connect a 2nd router to the panoramic modem? - Internet