Jul 01, 2007 · What does HTML mean? Well, the ML means Markup Language, and HTML is a Markup Language that allows you to identify a document's headings, its lists, its paragraphs, its quotations, even its questions and answers, so that an HTML browser, like Internet Explorer or Firefox, knows how to display the document in a way that makes the most sense.

Dictionary entry overview: What does HTML mean? • HTML (noun) The noun HTML has 1 sense: 1. a set of tags and rules (conforming to SGML) for using them in developing hypertext documents Familiarity information: HTML used as a noun is very rare. The HTML br element produces a line break in text (carriage-return). It is useful for writing a poem or an address, where the division of lines is significant. The so-called absolute units (cm, mm, in, pt and pc) mean the same in CSS as everywhere else, but only if your output device has a high enough resolution. On a laser printer, 1cm should be exactly 1 centimeter. But on low-resolution devices, such as computer screens, CSS doesn't require that. If HTML is the option in bold you can change the default in your settings under preference options if you want to use the default method, Rich Text. Scroll down to the default editor to use for posts and click on the circle for either Rich Text or Default.

What does “Hypertext Markup Language” Mean? “Hypertext” refers to hyperlinks, or certain words or phrases that link users to information on other web pages. HTML is a coding language that consists of a standard set of codes, or tags, that website authors insert …

What Does HTML Do? By Nikhil Abraham . HTML instructs the browser on how to display text and images in a web page. Recall the last time you created a document with a word processor. Whether you use Microsoft Word or Wordpad, Apple Pages, or another application, your word processor has a main window in which you type text, and a menu or toolbar What are HTTP and HTML? What are HTTP and HTML? As you probably know by now, the IT (Internet technology) world is full of acronyms and abbreviations that aren't easy to understand and still not common knowledge. I mean, most people know that ATM stands for automated teller machine and PIN means personal identification number to use an ATM.

Aug 21, 2012 · HTML is a computer language devised to allow website creation. These websites can then be viewed by anyone else connected to the Internet. It is relatively easy to learn, with the basics being accessible to most people in one sitting; and quite powerful in what it allows you to create.

Jan 11, 2017 HTML Tutorial: What Is HTML? - YouTube Sep 12, 2011 <u> HTML Tag What does HTML Tag do? The element was originally used to identify text that should be underlined. The element was deprecated in HTML 4.01, but in HTML5 it was redefined to represent text that should be displayed in a way that is an unarticulated but stylistically distinct from … What do :-) and other emoticons mean?